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Got an email today that included this link:


Seems they have partnered with a couple of fabricators and assembly companies. Prices are not the best deal out there but I thought I shared the link.

Manufacturing & Fabrication:
Sunstone Features

* 100% On-Time Guarantee

* Board orders in 24 hours to weeks

* Specialists in short turn times and complex builds

* 100% Made in the USA

* 24/7/365 Live Customer Support

* Boards as low as $28

* The choice of Professionals

Pentalogix Features

* Rigid, Flex, and Rigid Flex

* QuickTurn Prototype PCBs (1-2 days)

* Mil-Spec & ITAR compliant boards

* Offshore PCBs (Best Prices)

* Smart DFM — Free design file check

* Online quoting and ordering system

* State-of-the-art facilities
Assembly Services:

PCB Assembly Express
- Best prices
- Flexibility - US and Offshore assemblies
- Basic thru hole to fine pitch BGA
- Students/Hobbyist are welcome
PCB Assembly Express with its state-of-the-art US and Offshore PCB assembly facilities is able to deliver high quality assembled PCBs as fast as 24 hours at the best prices.

Screaming Circuits
- Fastest possible service
- High reliability projects
- Complex or projects of a critical nature
Backed by 50 years of electronic assembly experience, Screaming Circuits can assemble virtually any component onto virtually any PC board in our own Oregon, USA facilities. No NRE, no contracts required, no hidden fees and guaranteed turn-times.

They are definitely geolocating the user to select the fab(s). I'm currently in Bangkok and get this:

--- Quote ---element14 PCB Prototyping
PCB Service will soon be available in your country. Please check out other services from the knode!

--- End quote ---


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