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ENIG after SMT assembly

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I recently placed a JLCPCB order with a slightly unconventional board, where one side is a solid ground plane with its solder mask removed. The other side is more conventional and has been assembled with SMT components. My plan is to use the large flat conductive surface to calibrate some CNC equipment.

Unfortunately I got a message from JLCPCB saying the boards had been damaged during assembly. In the past I haven't had a problem with a bit of comedic damage, so I've asked them to send the boards regardless. As in this case the boards dimensions are important for calibration, I asked if they could remanufacture them. I think there was some miscommunication, as they said they would repeat the ENIG process but not produce new boards.

Is it even possible to ENIG plate fully assembled boards? Are there any problems I should look out for?


JLCPCB Official:
Hello ,Thank you for your feedback. If necessary, please share your order number with me, and I will check the issue to our support team.

You expect a PCB to be flat enough to calibrate a CNC?  :-DD

Not possible to apply the gold deposit post assembly.


--- Quote from: twospoons on May 28, 2024, 03:43:12 am ---You expect a PCB to be flat enough to calibrate a CNC?  :-DD

--- End quote ---
Depending on what/how it's mounted and how precise it needs to be it may be ok.


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