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ESD flooring options.

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I have an area that is about 10 feet by 20 feet, with a wood floor.

I would like an ESD floor surface with shoe inserts to use instead of having to constantly move where my wrist grounding strap is connected to. Will be having the SMD assembly line in there.

Currently it has really thin commercial carpet, but that can be easily ripped out.

Best (cheap) options?

I really like the Sierra ESD I bought for my workbench from ALL-Spec.

Maybe you can find a floor mat to suit your space:

There is no such thing as cheap ESD floor, especially if you want to meet electronics manufaturing standards and don't "DIY it yourself". For wood floor of small shop best option that I know - ESD vinyl tiles. If you can afford SMD assembly line, you definitely can afford proper ESD footwear. Forget about inserts, those are for tourists only.

Used these in the past. Worked well and wear resistant.

They also had precut stuff on ebay at reasonable prices if you are lucky and find something near the dimensions you need.

Cheapest solution is a squirt of hand spray gun filled with a solution of fabric softener all over the floor.


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