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ESD-safe PCB holder for rework (under Mantis Microscope)


We use a Mantis microscope on the rework bench.   When soldering under the microscope, we find that the board needs to be elevated above the work surface in order for it to be ergonomic for the operator.    Right now, they pile various things under the board, I think they're using a pair of 2x6's right now.   Everyone would rather use something a bit more purpose-built.

What is everyone else using for this?  We're hoping for something which holds the board 3-4 inches above the work surface and is able to hold the board such that it is parallel to the work surface.

Looking at the options available show several different styles are available, but fewer of them seem to be suitable for an ESD protected area and I'm skeptical of the ease of use of some of the remaining options.

As my boards are not that large, I use something like this with some ESD mat on the top.  The whole thing is connected via an antistatic ground lead to a bench stud, as is the mat stuck on top.

If find it handy to move the board up and down into focus to leave the mantis at a comfortable height.


How about PCBite?  I have the 4002 kit with a small baseplate.  It's all metal, so easy to ground.

Will probably add some of the probe holders as well.

I use drill press vise. It's really solid. Doesn't work for bigger PCBs though.

If you have a 3D printer (and you should, get a Prusa MK3s), 3DXTech.com has ESD rated filament.


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