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Re: Essemtec Fox - thoughts?
« Reply #75 on: October 01, 2019, 08:49:13 pm »
@robint91 could you share how your experience has been with the Essemtec Fox1? We are considering a Fox2 with dispensing ourselves.

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Re: Essemtec Fox - thoughts?
« Reply #76 on: October 03, 2019, 11:51:03 am »
I like it. It is very fast, currently we run it only at 50% of it rated speed because raw speed doesn't matter that much for us. We are building almost only prototypes. We are in the talks to upgrade our solderpaste setup, we are comparing the jetter vs a new screenprinter.

We did someboards  0.65mm BGAs and almost all had 0402 components, it does that flawlessly. The teaching of components is very intuitive. If you copy the numbers on the datasheet the vision system has it almost no issues in detecting a part, some parts require some manual fiddling to get it working 100%.

The machine did bring some changes to our design setup, we aligned the naming scheme of PCB libraries to the machine, and also we introduced some simple stock system with unified component names.

My goal is to get the setup time down to 30 min on moderate difficulty PCB's.

We have a few projects planned where we need to do 0.5mm BGA and 0201. But I expect no big problem with the pick and place, but more with the solderpaste.

Going from a Fox1 to a Fox2 is quite simple setup. And I would only do it if I really have speed problems and would spent more the screenprinter/dispenser.

I have a mix of HyQ feeders and CLM, If I would do it again, I would have taken more HyQ feeders. But then again, the CLMs are quite cheap compared to the HyQ and speed doesn't really matter for me.

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Re: Essemtec Fox - thoughts?
« Reply #77 on: October 03, 2019, 02:55:19 pm »
As a CLM user I think you might find they have more parts that wear, the HyQ might not be as expensive as you think once its a few years in. As an interesting point of reference I was talking to a guy selling Fuji machines the other day and a single 8mm lane for one of those is ~700GBP. Not all that different to the per lane cost of a CLM950 cassette.

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