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I have a nice little semi-auto stencil printer picked up off another forum member, I've managed to figure most of it out but some bits still confuse me ...

Does anyone have an ops manual? It looks like it all "works", in that I can get the pneumatics to lift the lid, make the squeegees move about etc, but I think I am still in some sort of test mode ... an operations manual would be awesome if there is one around.

Going to make up some squeezee holders next ...

If the manual that came with my SP003 is anything to go by, it will be a poorly written very much paper based manual. The printer itself is probably made by PBT but I don't know what their equivalent model would have been. Has the previous owner given you no tips at all? If you ask KPE nicely, they might be able o scrounge up knowledge and spares as its likely they sold or supported it during its lifetime.

I don't think the previous owner had much info when he got it ... but he has been very helpful, and a contributor on this board, nice guy and did me a really good deal on the machine.

I'm working it out, but,  a manual would help, I've contacted Essemtec, we'll see what comes.

And solved!  Managed to get a manual from the very helpful people at the UK agent, Altus Group. 

Machine works a treat, there is a "vacuum on" button and a "raise the lid" button, but I couldn't figure out how to lower the lic ... the bit I was missing was "press both buttons at the same time" ... easy.


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