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Experience with Zheng Bang ZB3245TS anyone?

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I'm looking into cheap pick and place machines from China to do low volume high mix pcb assembly on my own. When looking through Aliexpress the Zheng Bang ZB3245TS and ZB3245TSS caught my attention. It seems quite similar to the offerings like CHMT36 / CHMT48 or TVM802A/B. However, it seems to have some of the pitfalls of these machines addressed. The feeder looks more user friendly and might have some advantages over the clutch systems. Also, the pull pin is driven by pneumatic which should make it less prone to getting stuck. In addition they have an automatic nozzle calibration procedure similar to what I've seen on much more expensive machines. Judging from their youtube videos the software seems usable and is available in english.

However, I couldn't find any trace of someone using such a machine in the western world. On youtube there are russian and south korean user, but no westerners. Has anyone experience dealing with the company or the machine?


Hello Elims,

We are the European distributor for Neoden.
Please take a look at the N4. http://bit.ly/pt-neoden

Neoden has improved the tabletop machine into a small professional machine.

Hi Gerard,

I was looking into the Neoden offerings, too. But the price range is to high for my application.

if you are very particular about Zheng bang model ZB325TS, and looking for cheaper option ,
we have one for sale , only used for a month and had a camera issue, but got it repaired , in good condition, if needed please PM

Last week, I talked for an hour with a french guy who owns a ZB3245TSS (same as ZB3245TS but with 48 feeders).

He use it for about 9 months and is overall satisfied. He had a camera that didn't work (see video 1 and 2 below) but it was a simple connection issue. He told me that the vibration feeder is crap and not to buy it because of the bad quality pcb inside (see video 3 below)

He added that there is quite a big learning curve. But after all, the machine is good and works as it should. The support is great as well, they are very responsive. He doesn't regret it, the machine is worth the price.


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