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Fellow LPKF equipment users?

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I operate a PCB prototyping lab that has grown over the years from a single Protomat S62 to the setup we have now:

-Protomat S62
-Protomat S63
-Protolaser U4
-Multipress S
-MiniContac RS x2
-Contac S4

I've been hoping to find (or create) a group for LPKF users to help each other out and share what is going on in their world of prototyping. I fabricate a lot of boards, and I've run into and solved a lot of issues, modified my equipment, and created processes that technically aren't within the scope of what this equipment should be doing. It'd be awesome to bounce ideas off of one another instead of having to lean on technical support any time an issue pops up. Does this interest anyone else?

As per email, I don't there is enough interest in this to warrant a new forum section.
I can make it a sticky thread in this section though?

That would be awesome! Yes, please make a sticky.  :-+

I just joined the LPKF club!

This weekend I brought an old Protomat 93s back to life. It took quite a bit of fiddling, but I can control it from a Windows 10 laptop over a usb-to-parallel port adapter. Work flow is Kicad -> LPKF CircuitPro PM 2.3 -> BoardMaster 5.1.214 -> Protomat 93s. Big thanks to LPKF for having old software and manuals available for download.

Does anyone have any advice for two layer board registration and via plating?

I run a PCB prtotyping service in Brisbane.

Initially i looked at LPKF and Japanese MITS products and in the end decided to roll my own.
On the question of hole wall activation i used to use Atotech palladium based hole wall activation process however local supplier of chemistry no longer stocks it but will bring it in as a special order...with a special price tag.

Have started to experiment with a pyrolytic copper nano particle  activation process...so far it is performing extremely well both in terms of lower maintenance ( in fact zero maintenance cost) than palladium and good hole wall coverage.
Have tested it in both double sided and multilayer work. ( tested on Probot flying probe tester).
Early in the piece i settled on tooling pin registration at known location on machine bed so that data flipping in combination with tooling post guarantees good registration outv


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