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Flex PCBs in USA/Canada?

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Hi all, I'm looking for a good flex PCB fab in the USA or Canada. I used to use PCBWay but can't anymore. Does anyone have a good recommendation?


If you were using PCBway I assume you are looking for low-cost prototypes. A while back I decided that I wanted to use North American manufacturing services and have tried a few. I ended up settling on OSH Park for cost reasons, qualtity is good, and they have an easy web-based instant quote/ordering system. I know that OSH Park has some flex capability so you might want to check them out.

For prototypes, I'm not certain. My company got a big batch of ~5k rigid-flex boards done at APCT in Santa Clara, CA a couple years ago. I'm not certain whether they subcontracted part of the job out overseas, but definitely worth a call.

The major players are overseas but if you are required to work with North American vendors, try:

* have used this shop for rigid boards with outstanding quality of 4L PCBs - they supplied the boards in 24-48 hours for a major account (10/10 quality)
* Yogen (founder) is a leader in this industry and with great expertise - now I believe his son is running the company
* they list flex PCBs and they build in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Some of the overseas vendors have local agents and contacts if that is of interest.

You can choose  https://www.raypcb.com/  While the parent company has its base in China, the manufacturer has another manufacturing base in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can also think about JLCPCB. As they ship worldwide. Here is a detailed writeup about how to order there: https://www.theengineeringprojects.com/2022/03/how-to-order-pcb-for-manufacturing-from-jlcpcb.html


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