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Forming component leads en masse

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This is too expensive: http://uk.farnell.com/cliff-electronic-components/pm1/machine-component-pre-forming/dp/147835

This is too slow: http://uk.farnell.com/duratool/tp-8/component-pre-forming-tool-tp8/dp/2022738

Is there anything in between?

Jon Chandler:
One of these?

Seems like that would be a worse option than the handheld one above... Slower and more awkward.

I'm really after something semi automatic that you can feed strips of components into like the expensive thing, but for a  better price.

I use one of those suggested by Jon Chandler. About 5$ including shipping from US to me.

You can find pre-forming machines like the one in the first picture on eBay from time to time, usually for around 150-300$. 

Hakko used to sell some lead forming pliers with all kinds of shapes.. can't find a trace of them on the Hakko website nowadays. They have some machines now but they're probably more expensive than the ones on Farnell.
Tequipment still has the manual pliers listed here: http://www.tequipment.net/soldering-equipment/lead-forming-equipment/#/soldering-equipment/lead-forming-equipment/?perpage=144

There is another company, Piergiacomi, that makes all kind of pliers (scroll down to "special" section) : http://www.piergiacomi.com/piergiacomi/en/products/hand-tools.html?ja_color=default

I was interested a few months ago and wanted to buy a few of them for hobby use basically, but went through their distributors list in Europe and honestly, couldn't find ONE store to stock them (not to mention the list was outdated, some distributors went bankrupt, one moved to selling paper products instead of tools and so on)

I gave up, with each day that passes it gets easier to move on to surface mount components.


How about this one from Rapid online ?
Component Pre-Forming Tool TP9

Order Code:86-4232
1+   £50.95   £61.14


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