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--- Quote from: poorchava on August 19, 2012, 09:28:10 pm ---Price-wise still thousand miles behind iTead Studio and Seeed Studio.
5x5cm board (4 sq.in.) would cost $20 for 3 pieces + shipping.
50x50mm board from iTead is $9.90+$4 shpiining to anywhere for 10 pieces (+1 or 2 randomly).

Plus for the Oshpark is that they do enig finish without additional fee whereas in iTead enig costs extra $20. On the other hand itead plates slots (as long as they are not perceived as 'long slot' used for parting the pcb, which is not allowed). Itead also does 100% electrical test, and seeed studio do 50%. Dunno how about oshpark.

Of course in my case oshpark service gets a bit more expensive because of shipping. If they are based in US, i believe expedited shipping to central Europe is around $30 and regular mail is something like $10-15.

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Last time I used iTead, they only tested half the order and prohibited slots altogether...seems they've changed things a bit since, including price, but turnaround is nevertheless still painfully slow. I only use them for stuff that isn't time-sensitive, which is less and less these days.

If Futurlec held true to their 1-week turnaround, then it's really not a bad deal, especially for 1-sided designs, but evidently it doesn't appear this way. Obviously, I'm taking time into serious consideration; overall cost isn't always determined from a strict monetary perspective.

David Aurora:
Based on experience just buying parts from Futurlec, I can imagine how the PCB's could go...  :-[


--- Quote from: slateraptor on August 16, 2012, 01:03:27 am ---Anyone have experience with these guys?

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I used them 2 or 3 times a about 5 years ago. No problems.

One one of the boards I combined 3 different designs, they didn't appear to have any problems with that.


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