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FYI Xgecu TL866II and T48 can't program FM16W08 FRAM chips

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Just a heads up, the FM16W08 is listed as compatible with the Xgecu programmers TL866II plus and T48 (probably T56 too).

A helpful video of the TL866II Plus failing to program them: https://youtu.be/N2z07nJ5GDs

I have the T48. Both of us have FM16W08 that have programmed correctly on other programmers, he used GQ4x4 on the same chips and I used borrowed Dataman 40pro (they are so expensive!). Both his TL866II plus and my T48 pass self-test and have successfully program other chips (in my case the latest was some 32 pin AM29LV040B).

I have reached out to xgecupro@gmail.com, and I hope they will issue an update to fix this. Luckily the chip is simple, very similar to DS1225, but needs 10ms after power-on, and CE strobe for both read and write.

I'll update this thread if anything happens.

Also, if anyone could cross post this thread to the Xgecu forum that would be great - I am afraid I don't read/write Chinese to be able to register: http://forums.xgecu.com/

I programmed a FM16W08 on a T56 without any problems.


--- Quote from: Qw3rtzuiop on December 09, 2022, 04:42:46 pm ---I programmed a FM16W08 on a T56 without any problems.

--- End quote ---

Fantastic extra information! Could you share software and firmware version, as well as any adapter details? I was using the official ZIF SOIC holder, Y had a SOIC soldered to DIP.


you see some sockets pinouts

normally  soic sockets are 1 to 1  pins in the main socket, in many case you start from the bottom going up


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