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Getting turnkey PCBA to source parts from lowest priced official vendor

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--- Quote from: 48X24X48X on October 05, 2021, 05:18:13 am ---Ship within China, order has to be made in RMB. If in USD, there will be VAT charges.

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Makes no sense. VAT is charged on internal purchases within the country and not on exports. Wouldn't it be changed regardless, or not charged on USD if seller makes it look like export?

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In short, RMB -> domestic usage, USD -> export. Because if you pay USD without VAT 13% then the supplier must export the goods as they cannot ship to the PCBA factory directly.
If you pay RMB include VAT 13% then the supplier can ship these goods to the factory. This is true with proper part manufacturer, for example Quectel. Of course, if you use a reseller or distributor in China, they can do all sort of stuff although by right they are not licensed to sell to outside of China.

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Statements in your last 2 posts are an opposite of each other.

Suggest to the op to work with a truly certified ISO PCBA shop. One that we can recommend (again) is Kingford PCB (details copied below; they automotive & medical certifed). Have had a number of jobs produced by them for the bare PCBs and PCBAs. They do frown upon you shipping someone else's PCBs and/or parts for the job as there needs to be a separation line on the responsibility of a failure (if there is one). Having said this, we had to jump in a few times when they could not source some of our goofy parts. We have been to China many times and have good contacts for assorted electronic parts. A few we did drop ship to their factory in Shenzhen. We had to both agree that if there was a fault, we had to debug the parts which we sourced. They say that they charge extra for testing. However, from our experience, they powered up each and every PCBA (500 in this lot) to validate it was working as designed. It was a USB dongle and we showed them how to test on Windows. Every PCBA was enumerated with success. Only one PCBA had a slightly lifted USB through hole connector which was caught when we attempted to stuff into our aluminum enclosure. The outsourcing we considered to be 100% success.

They do prefer to source from Digikey / Mouser and will indicate this in their spreadsheet with costings. Times are very strange and parts are quite scarce so your mileage may vary.

If we can help (and you are not our competition :), then we have no problem in assisting to source parts out of Asia. At the very least can share some contacts you can ping to hunt down the components.

They build product for AMD (saw their large multilayer PCB on display at one of the past electronic trade fairs in HK - gorgeous fan out PCB). Recently they have moved to a new and larger factory. The PCBA assembly fee was in the $1-$1.50 USD range for this 500 pc run (parts & setup extra). Granted that we asked them to source most of the components - in the end, the savings were still there as compared to local PCBA fees. These days, we build in house as our SMT line is fully operational. For sure you can scrape to lower cost PCBA shops but they will not be ISO certified and the risks will increase.


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