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The photo resist developer, and the photo resist remover are "harmful" and "do not touch skin, eyes" etc etc. I wear latex gloves but they are melting - not drastically but I have seen a few holes developing on the gloves. After the developer I also need to use the photo resist remover which is also "harmful" and finally the copper etchant which I presume is also "harmful".

Is there a proper gloves make/material I can use for these processes?

I think EPDM is better than latex for this kind of application.  But I don't know if it's good enough.

Here's a link that compares the various rubber compounds and shows what they're resistant to and attacked by: http://www.jjshort.com/Rubber-Properties.php

Manticore FTW.

My bet goes on nitrile, do you have the MSDS for this developer?

use nitryl gloves (typically blue in color)


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