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Good AOI system to start with?

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--- Quote from: SMTech on February 24, 2021, 09:58:09 am ---Oh very dependent, with a smartphone I have issues with focus and interference from factory lighting, but with some suitable shielding and maybe a a selfie stick in a clamp & the right phone you should get the idea. Bandwidth is also a potential issue, those are potentially quite big images. The camera setup is cheap enough for a true trail IMHO, if it isn't you aren't ready for true AOI anyway, you'll spend that on travel going to evaluate units....

FAI machines share some capabilties (and shortcomings) with Agnos but don't need all that bandwidth. Some may come with extra handy features like fault tracking or little printers that can spew out a report you fix to dodgy PCBs for the rework technician etc. So far Agnos doesn't do that although I'm sure it will ....

--- End quote ---

Your review has been on the spot. This forum should be consulted often to save you money and time.
Regarding the mentioned service:
 I have been using  Agnospcb for...4 months? And what I can say after this time:
1) They are continuously improving the service. To be honest, the inspection capabilities were good 4 months ago, now are impressive. Neural networks are scary.
2) For what I get, I (still) think, it is a bargain. Will they keep the current prices down the road?
3) The current software version provides some kind of basic inspection report and store an image of the panel/circuit inspected. Useful to consult afterwards.
4) It is FAST. 3-5 seconds per inspection.

I will come back soon with updated "impressions" after another months. So far, so good!

I was also looking for an affordable AOI and found agnospcb as well. We tried the free version and seems to be impressively good, at least finding missing and lifted components. We used them to inspect boards that come from China, and because their quality is not very good, we used a sample that we know it works well and we compare them. Then we set aside the ones with missing or lifted components, to later complain with the supplier. =)
I was told by  Agnospcb that they are about to release a more robust setup with better repeatability for less than $1k, most of the price is due to the Sony Alpha Camera.


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