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Good lead free solder for hand soldering

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We use an indium cored wire which works fairly well...  Don't know if that's available

However, what we've found works better is tacky flux such as indium tacflux 020, in a tiny syringe with a microscope.  Put just barely enough on each joint, then solder with non-cored wire.

For home use?   Order 63:37 solder from the US and wash your hands after using it.

I didn't see any mention in this thread, but when talking about hand soldering results, is that with or without extra flux?

It may well be that relying on the flux in the solder core alone is limiting, and that application of extra flux is important?

Even with leaded solder, I have been in the habit of using additional flux when I want really nice results. I have also found it critical to clean/polish solder pads with a suitable abrasive to remove any oxide layer before soldering.


--- Quote --- Order 63:37 solder from the US and wash your hands after using it.
--- End quote ---

You can buy it easily here in the UK - "for industrial use only" :)

The key to unleaded solder working well is the flux. We have tested different SAC305 hand soldering wire and some is useless and some (Almit) is almost as good as leaded but at a silly price.

The above Solder King stuff is poor, on initial tests, but we need to try different bit temperatures.

I've found the SolderKing CXW to be OK, the data sheet gives 350c-360c as the tip temp.  Running at 350c so far has been good for me.  By all accounts the company is happy to visit potential customers and help with testing and setups etc. to get the best from their products, which I think is free.

I don't do huge amounts though, when I do need to do hand soldering it's normally intensive for a few days depending on the project.


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