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You know I think CCEE did much the same thing for us for similar reasons, and for other projects in slightly less of as rush since except it was a multilayer board which means there is an inherent curing delay to factor in. There are still plenty of smallish PCB manufacturer who can quote for UK manufacture and speedy turnarounds and maybe even the odd favour. They certainly are not cheap but the prices can vary a LOT so it is worth asking around when you need that kind of service. For stuff where there is no hurry you can stick with the big chinese names, your local fab is probably outsourcing it anyway.

Back before ordering form China was a thing we used Zot Engineering in Musselburgh (nr. Edinburgh).


They are still on the go and as well as having a Scottish fab house they have locations/partners in China I am guessing if you want cheaper prices.

PS. Back in the late 80's/90's it was ISDN file transfer with Zot!



--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on September 27, 2021, 10:46:26 pm ---The usual big-name Chinese places (jlcpcb, allpcb,pcbway) all work fine for UK users - PCBs come back within a week ( with DHL delivery option), and now that they collect VAT at order time, you don't get the occasional customs hold-ups or clearance charges you used to, the flip side is you always pay VAT, whearas before it was hit or miss whether you got charged or not.

--- End quote ---

They only take VAT payment if your order is less than £135 btw
Use to be that any order under £32 would not get charged VAT/Duty/Courier Tax but now everything is charged.

Just coming back to this topic:

With all the brexit business still ongoing, and the UK sometimes copying the EU on import matters and sometimes diverging (always in whichever direction makes things worse for the consumer), I've heard things about no minimum price for free uk import any more. Do any of the cheap PCB houses in China either do VAT/duties/fees... paid upfront as part of the order, or offer methods of shipping guaranteed not to be caught at the border (made to look like person to person international gifts or what have you?)? I've heard a lot of horror stories of people charged by customs/royalmail for sums for the "service" they provide in interfering with free trade which are far higher than the actual taxes would be if paid upfront and far higher often than the item price.

We are talking here about placing orders which with the chinese prices would probably vary from £5 up to £50, not including any shipping prices.

The site of JLCPCB now seems to say that import charges are the customers responsibility not theirs, so I don't think they are dealing with import problems upfront. Hence my particular interest in a manufacturer who lets you just pay once for everything including import, or finds a way to import ensuring customs can't catch it.


--- Quote ---The site of JLCPCB now seems to say that import charges are the customers responsibility not theirs, so I don't think they are dealing with import problems upfront.
--- End quote ---

From jlcpcb's own web site

--- Quote ---United Kingdom                           0-135GBP
                                                     For Individual customers, VAT collected by JLCPCB
                                                     For company customers, VAT collected by local customs
                                                     VAT collected by local customs
--- End quote ---

,keep it below £135 and an individual,not company,purchase and all should be good.


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