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Hakko FM2023-02 desoldering iron tweezer tips for 0402? 0201?

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I am tired of attempts at being a politician so I decided to buy soldering tweezers.

However I am not sure what tip to buy for the Hakko FM2023-02 tweezers. I see there is a point tip, a 1mm tip and a 2mm tip.

Normally I would get the 1mm tip but the parts I am dealing with are really small so I wonder if a conical tip makes sense here (normally I avoid them). 1mm does seem large for 0402.

A 1mm tip is on the large side for 0402 imperial (0.5mm x 1mm), but will be fine as long as the components you are reworking are not too densely packed.  Probably too big for 0201 parts as the parts will ikely get "sucked up" onto one tip by the solder surface tension.

I use my JBC nano tweezers (AN115-A) with C115-105 tips (0.3mm conical bent) for 0402 regularly and sometimes for 0201.  I also have the 1mm straight tips, but have not used them as I would generally just switch to a my bigger tweezers.

I'd definitely suggest the conical tips if you are doing much 0201.

Ok because I have pace resistance heating tweezers (the one with two elements, not one that passes current through the thing you are grabbing) that are fine for larger packages. If the conical tips work ok then I can use the soldering iron tweezers for tiny stuff and the resistance tweezers for larger parts.

They aren't terribly expensive if you need to get a few and last a long time: https://www.tequipment.net/hakko/series_t9-tips/

I use the largest T9-L2 for 0603, 0805, 1206, etc. it has good power.
Mid T9-L1 seems ok for 0402, and dense 0603.
The smallest T9-I works for 0402, doesn't work well for 0603.

No idea about 0201, I don't have them here, but like Kean says any of these tips would work if there is enough space around the part.
One small note with the T9-I is since they are so thin they can be easily bent, there is no adjustment on the FM2023, so you'll need to carefully bend them back to be parallel/in-line.

I got the smallest ones for the Hakko desoldering tweezer finally. I tried it on a 0201 part that i needed to move, but the part was SO close to another part that it did not work well, and I ended up losing the part because it was too fiddly. If I had magnification maybe I could pull it off, but its still not ideal to heat it from the sides IMO

It does grip the 0201 part sideways just fine, but the heat is not applied to the pads very well and I could not get it off as easily as I wanted to, Plus I guess the big part it was up against was sinking heat. I realize in retrospect I could have probobly melted the solder on the adjacent part so the tweezers can grip properly and took the 0201 jumper off, but its some weird RF part next to it, and I don't dare disturb it, so I tried to go in from the side that does not have solder on it. If I was willing to melt the solder on the part that was too close, it would have worked fine. I soldered a 1mm long piece of kynar wire without insulation in place of the 0201 jumper with a normal iron lol

So if you are worried about very high density boards with various part sizes (small next to large), you have every reason to worry, this is not the optimum tool for it, it won't work well unless you are willing to disturb the nearby parts.

I need to either fix or replace the benchtop magnifier I have, because the damn springs are too weak or something, it kept moving down by itself and getting in my way, probobly another reason why I failed at my attempt. I don't normally work with stuff that I need to magnify. I don't like the digital ones either, I really need to get a mantis. But only if this stuff comes up more, for now no way.


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