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Hakko FR-410 / FR-400 Desoldering Station - anyone using?


Just wondering if anyone has experience with Hakko's current high-end (through hole) desoldering tools FR-410 and FR-400?

They seem to address issues of past versions with a much shorter tip with dual heater and significantly higher power, which presumably translates to better thermal stability / less chance of clogging / ability to use lower temperatures for sensitive boards. However I'd like to hear some long-term user experience. Leaning towards the FR-410 as it offers a lower minimum temp.

Currently using an ancient Hakko 700B station with Hakko 800 gun, restored with newer generation element/tip and re-calibrated, but it's finally getting hard to find parts (valve-plate / diaphragm).

I am working on vintage gear (fragile traces) worth significantly more than the tool price so don't mind investing, I did also consider Weller (WXD2 / WXDP120) which has great reviews for performance/functionality but poorer reviews for long term durability (DOAs / short term failure / firmware update bricking etc). Not sure if the situation has changed now. I like the long term user-serviceability and internal parts availability with Hakko, am hoping the functionality on their newer design is competitive with Weller.

Open to being swayed, appreciate any thoughts.


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