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Some comments on electrodragon PCB service

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Hi Alls,

I am looking for sending my first Eagle PCB  files  to have the PCB made in
small quantities at low price ( I  can wait for postage).

I am considering Electrodragon PCB service for a run of 10cmx10cm boards,
as I am already using their services for parts.
Has anybody ever tried this  PCB service ?
Any comments ?


[Edit] As it seems that  I  am the only one to have some comments on
Electrofragon PCB services, I changed the title of this post from

Has anybody some comments on electrodragon PCB service
Some comments on electrodragon PCB service

As it is now more an account of my experience with electrodragon PCB service.

Have you checked pcbshopper.com ?

Yes,  I have checked, thanks to a link  in a post  here,
Its a great site, but electrodragon is not  registered  there.

The prices would be quite similar, and I have experienced very fast mail
at low price
at electrodragon using Belgium post. This is why I would like to try
with them.

I have send an order for a 100mmx100mm  PCB to electrodragon.com
2 layers, bottom and top silk.

The order was submitted yesterday 2 oct 2015 06:53:32 PDT
I got today the following comment

--- Quote ---Dear Customer,
This file is all good, we have just sent it to production today, please wait 4-5 days for processing the production and further shipment.

--- End quote ---

I will tell on this thread the outcome of this order and when I receive it. I asked for Belgian post, which cost me 7$, but I could order at the same time for
no additional cost several items from electrodragon than I wanted.

The cost of the board was $19.80 for 10 boards.
Edit :

This is the  view from ZofZ of my board. It is not with full resolution, as it is just a screen grab.



--- Quote from: JacquesBBB on October 03, 2015, 03:53:40 pm ---I have send an order for a 100mmx100mm  PCB to electrodragon.com

--- End quote ---

Will they route out each individual board in your 100mm x 100mm panel, or will you have to do this yourself?


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