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Has Anyone Used Fiberglass Tape on Their DIY Re-flow Oven?


Q: Has Anyone Used Fiberglass Tape on Their DIY Re-flow Oven?

I thought a nice touch or "gilding the lily," on my DIY re-flow oven would be to use fiberglass tape on the outside of the interior oven box.  I was only questioning it because the tape is rated for 500 degrees F, and even at 250 degrees C (for lead free) we are under that, but I was concerned that 500F is OK on the fiberglass side, but maybe not the adhesive side which will be hotter.

I am using a nice Black & Decker Convection oven i got from Target for $60 which I am rewiring now and a $80 PID.

Any Opinions? Can I put the adhesive side on the hot oven surface? :-//
And also--has anyone done insulation experiments?



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One "reflow toaster" project I ran across on YouTube used part of a fiberglass welding blanket, of the sort you might pick up at Harbor Freight or wherever. There wouldn't be any adhesive to worry about with that, and there would be enough material that you could probably fit two or three layers of it around the oven cavity.

Found it:

He's also using the same $20 toaster oven that I bought.  He's using an Arduino with a Rocket Scream shield as a controller.  I've mashed them into one small (about 2x2.5") board; most of the parts arrived from DigiKey yesterday, and I fired off a PCB order this morning after checking the parts against a printout of the design (one of the footprints was too small).

I used some welding blanket on my unfinished oven build. Whilst it does provide some insulation it doesn't do as much as I thought it would.

It's a thick weave designed to shield things from a gas flame rather than to trap air for insulation. Fibreglass loft insulation might be better but would be nastier to work with.

Here's what I ended up doing.

I just felt that since I put in a cooling fan inside the space where the wiring & relay is, I wanted to insulate the oven box somewhat.  I put down some fiberglass/Silicone tape rated to 250C and riveted an aluminum sheet on top of that because the tape kept peeling up. The aluminum sheet also helped to keep the thermocouple line in place.

So I really have no idea if the tape does anything at all, it just felt necessary in my own mind. One thing I can say is the reflow works excellently.



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