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Have you noticed any easing of the chip shortage?

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I've started to get notifications for chips being in stock, and the stock they have is not vanishing before I can order some.

Have any of you noticed chips being more available?

Parallax Propeller micro went from some 15=16 dollars to a peak of some 75 dollars  only to come back down to about 18 dollars/

Shhhhhh!!!!! Not so loud but yes, see some trickles of parts on the ti online store. Hope the trend continues.

A few things better, but a lot of things worse.

Been far too difficult for me to find automotive grade 1% 1206 resistors in the sizes I need w/o paying stupid prices.

I finally got some stuff from TI directly, that was nice. Also finally found some current sense resistors I've been needing, but at 3x the cost they were before this insanity.


--- Quote ---automotive grade 1% 1206
--- End quote ---

Sharing a great contact for you to chat with (they deal with WALSIN / SAMSUNG and are very good at it - always at every trade fair in HK; better prices than LCSC):

--- Quote ---Leo
Sales Representative
Liket Corporation             
Tel: 886-2-29173334 #137
Fax: 886-2-29173337
E-mail: leo[remove-at]liket.com.tw
SKYPE: live:leo83060536
3FL, No.8, Lane 218, Sec. 2
Chung Hsing Rd, Hsin Tien District
New Taipei City, Taiwan
We are manufacturer of Resistors and
official distributor for :

--- End quote ---


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