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Have you noticed any easing of the chip shortage?

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--- Quote from: josuah on June 30, 2022, 01:42:34 pm ---Trying to figure things out: we end-up with compromises like below?

Option #1 contains:

* Same complex components, waiting that they become available again
* Uncertainty about when the next component will be available
* Alternative compatible passives

Option #2 contains:

* Another complex component slightly incompatible
* Extra engineering time to port the project to the new component
* Alternative compatible passives

Option #3 contains:

* Stop production of that product altogether, focus on the next iteration
* Extra engineering time for the new product, eventually planned already
* Picking components among those available

Option #4 contains:

* In case of availability at a higher price, pay the extra price to still be able to produce without a redesign
* Uncertainty about how long the priucier component will be available
* Alternative compatible passives

Option #5 contains:

* No reaction, letting the doubt settle about everything
  (Not a real "option", but would probably happen in spite of any option chosen.)

--- End quote ---
I'd go option 4 and then work toward redesigning with available parts(purchase as you place them on the layout) and design in alternate footprints so you have better flexibility if parts become unavailable again.

I just bought some parts from a company for about 10 times what I used to pay for them while they were being manufactured(no longer manufactured, obsolete, no alternatives) but without them I can't do my work, so just had to cop it.


--- Quote from: schmitt trigger on July 01, 2022, 07:12:44 pm ---I would add a 6th option: using adapter boards for different footprint or packages.

--- End quote ---
Option 4

schmitt trigger:
Option 8: Pray.


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