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Help wanted with toner transfer (and perhaps a discovery)

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On the index page I have:

* Home Page
* View Configuration
* Maintenance Information
* Find Device
* Printer Settings
* Administrator Settings
* Reset & Test
* Network Configuration
"View Config" and "Maintenance Information" just show printer info. Not totally clear whet "Find Device" does. "network Config" has some interesting stuff but not cleaning options and "Printer Settings" has paper type, default resolution etc but again no cleaning or service menu. "Administrator Settings" just sets the passwords.

--- Quote ---The paper option things adjust the fuser temperature and the paper feed speed settings
--- End quote ---

Yes - setting "thin" was worse so I tried "thicker" which slowed the feed speed considerably resulting in an almost usable print. Unfortunately I'm now out of labels for playing around with so this will have to wait for a few hours.

I just read this thread, I hadn't clicked on it before. I found it interesting as I recently bought a Brother HL-2270DW. I really like the printer. I got it because Brother have a good reputation for reliable printers.

One thing I wanted to mention though, is that if you value your printer it is not a good idea to feed various random things through it that are not designed for laser printing. Apart from gumming up the works it is possible to get toner, chalk or other stuff in places were it shouldn't be, which will mess up the print quality. For example, it is even not recommended to use inkjet paper in a laser. The inkjet paper may be more subject to curl, and may have chalky filler substance to help absorb the inkjet ink and prevent smudging. Laser paper will have a smoother, less porous surface and no chalk filler.

Even if you don't think you need good print quality, it will affect the circuit boards you try to make if it leads to gaps or shorted tracks.


--- Quote ---...if you value your printer it is not a good idea to feed various random things through it that are not designed for laser printing...
--- End quote ---

Agree but this printer was bought for experiments with toner transfer - I don't especially want to break it but would not loose sleep if I needed to buy a new one once I'd figured out what works and what wrecks the printer ;)


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