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Henkel/Loctite GC10 Solder Paste Source?

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Good day All,

I was curious if anyone has a source (North America preferable) on GC10 solder paste?  I ask, as I have been unable to find it from the usual Sources and some versions (T5) are shown to be discontinued from a few distributors (Mouser, Digikey, etc).  Does anyone know what is going on?  Indeed it could also be impacted by the ongoing supply chain issues, but showing some versions as discontinued seems really odd.

Thanks in advance!



It's weird.
I just had a look at this product a few hours ago in a European shop and it is also labeled as "Retired".


quite a shame, as this shop used to fill small syringes with this stuff for small users, even though those syringes were relatively expensive:

Just to be clear:
Henkel / Loctite has never sold this stuff in small syringes. It is a service that someone in that shop did for their customers.

Maybe Chipquik TS391SNL50 is a viable alternative. They also claim a long pot life and "temperature stable", but I don't know if they've got a reputation anywhere near the GC10 stuff.


Diverse Electronics in Canada seems to have it, at least their web site doesn't say out of stock.  Note that I have caught Digi-Key saying a number of products are obsolete/no longer being made, when I verified with the manufacturer they WERE still current products.  Digi-Key just chose to list them that way when they didn't want to stock the item any more.

Good day,

Thank you both for your posts!  I have used ChipQuik products before and they are OK, but I found GC10 to be the best for minimal paste "slouching" after stencil printing.  This is particular important for my setup, as I typically include hand placements for the PCB runs I do (prototyping and small runs).

I did find another post that stated that a vendor named Adtool carries GC10 (https://adtool.ca/en/) and so I will contact them next week.

As for Digikey/Mouser incorrectly stating an item as discontinued... I have seen this as well.  However, Mouser lists GC10 as obsolete:


... and this was in the last month or so.  I was awaiting stock, as it did indicate stock arriving at the end of June.  All in all it is very odd.

Thanks again!



Not NA, but if you are desperate: https://mektronics.com.au/products/loctite-gc-10-lead-free-sac-305-t4-solder-paste-500g-jar

Have you asked the digikey support folks if it really is obsolete? They may be able to tell you if there is a replacement on the way. They are usually quite responsive in my experience.


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