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Here we go again, Neoden4 vs CHMT48VB vs HW-T4SG-50F

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--- Quote from: TankSparks on April 04, 2022, 05:12:44 pm ---Sorry,  I did not describe it correctly to start assembling where you left off on the Neoden 4,  Highlight panel you want to start on, highlight part you want to start on,  click save,  click start.  Thats only 3 extra mouse clicks

--- End quote ---
I am sorry for being angry. There where so many frustrating moments with this machine. I never found a description for continuing work like you say. So I never tried. I will check if this is working on my firmware.

I forgot about the strip feeder: I use this one: https://printtec.nl/contents/de/d611_Strip_Feeder_Tray.html
You can use it for cut tape too. What I like the most is that I can use 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm etc. So even if you don't have a 24mm feeder, you can use strips from such wide tapes.
Alternativly you can have a look here for 3D-printed parts: http://malte-randt.de/strip-feeders-and-modular-tray-for-smd/
Or just google 3d printed strip feeder and you can find lots of parts.

Thank you for all the responses. I was about to purchase a new Neoden4 as we need a compact size and our production is not very large but ended up picking a used Mechatronica M10V that was pretty much new.
If you are interested you can join our PNP Discord here https://discord.gg/gHTseNcCJa we have a dedicated section for Mechatronika but also Neoden and HWGC.


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