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Hot tweezer compatibility?

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So far, I have removed small SMD 2-lead components with braid and a quick flick with the iron.  That frequently damages the resistor/capacitor but not the board.  I am considering hot tweezers.

My hot air soldering station is unbranded and inexpensive but works.  It is labeled 8582D and has a 6 pin connector.  Pin 6 is in the center.  It is probably identical to this item on Amazon:

Various tweezers are sold with a compatible connector, such as this:
Tegongse 902

Of course, information is very limited.  Heating power pins on the 8562D appear to be pins 1 and 2 CW from detent and measure 32 VAC (unloaded).  The tweezers say they are for 24 VAC.

Has anyone found compatible tweezers for the 8582D and similar clones?

A long time ago I used hot tweezers, but did not like it much.
I much prefer to just use two soldering irons where I can place each on a pad separately.
It also gives you an excuse to buy an extra / spare soldering iron.

Having two irons is also handy for a bunch of other reasons.
It's the quickest way to change tips for example.

Also, when working with enameled wire, you can use a hot iron to burn off the lacquer, and a bit cooler iron for the soldering itself, so your flux does not evaporate so quickly.

Look for the Gordak 902 on Aliexpress, it looks the same handpiece but sold with a station. I have no idea about Tegongse, compatibility or who makes the original chinese knockoff.

The biggest problem with these will be power throughput on a 50/60W station and tip alignment as those larger tweezers have some lateral movement. They are virtually the lowest quality you can buy, poor imitations of current Hakko FX8804 (formerly 950 tweezer on the Hakko 936 series stations), which are roughly $200 for just the handpiece.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Hakko design was inspired by the Pace ThermoTweez, my TT-65 tweezers shown below which are substantially the more industrialized version. The tips are encompassed by the heaters which prevent accidental damage, easy changing and more flexible tip geometries to be used (all weaknesses in Hakkos design). Attached are the 6.6mm for LCC and PQFP removal.

Compatibility between generic stations and accessories is always a crapshoot.  I needed a hot air gun for my generic "Sumsour" 858D station so I ordered one that said it was for an 858D and had the same pin count and arrangement--and it didn't work.  So I'm not sure there will ever be any certainty as to whether some product on eBay or Aliexpress will actually work.

If you want cheap hot tweezers, I have the Yihua 938D kit that goes for $43 +5 shipping on Aliexpress.  They're decent for the money and have powerful heaters--they draw 240W on startup.  Although the tip arrangement is a bit fidgety, they have been good enough for occasional use.  The only drawback is that I've never found any tips other than the original curved and skinny type.  They work fine on 2-lead SMD components of almost any size, although I haven't tried them on anything microscopic like 0201.  The stand is even halfway decent.


Thanks to all of you.
I am still on the fence whether I need one, since it is not often I need to replace such components without destroying them.  I have several soldering irons, including the one that came with the 8582D and my Edsyn Loner.  I actually have one that dates to JFK times. :(

I share the concerns about being a gamble.  My pre-heater and reflow oven are is Yihua, which seems to be a legitimate manufacturer, and I am happy with it.  If I decide to go with a pair of hot tweezers, I will probably go with the Yihua 938D and not one of its knockoffs.


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