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How assemble flexible PCB



Does anyone know how flexible PCB circuits are assembled?
I have to make a flexible PCB layout that will mount APA102 2020 or HD107s 2020 digital LEDs.

I have a pick and place machine, a Neoden4, but I can't think of how to mount the components on a flexible PCB.

Apply the solder paste with stencil, I suppose it will be the same as with a rigid PCB. I guess, but I don't know, that flexible PCBs can also be soldered in an infrared oven.

Hello Lui,

Use a carrier plate for assembly and paste printing.

You can stick the flex to a 1.6mm PCB and run it through your N4. Placement height needs to be increased a little.

When ordering flex boards you can specify that you want a panel of flex PCB glued with the edges to the FR4.
Otherwise you need to buy a special carrier for this.

I would go for option 1 and use some tape to secure it to an FR4 board for now.


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