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How do i make sure my 2.54mm connectors on pcb fit in breadboard

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Hello ,

I want to make an breakout board that fits in an breadboard like this :

But they are expensive so i want to make some of my own at itead pcb service.

I am using Altium 10 but how do i make sure i can just plug it in the breadboard and all pins are aligned correctly ?

Thanks ,


Breadboards are designed on 0.1" or 2.54mm grids.  So you want your pins on 2.54mm centers.  There is usually a gap in the center, but holes on each side of that are still 2.54mm spacings.  So, as long as you don't go wider than the breadboard, you just make sure the width between the pin rows is a multiple of 2.54mm.

The image it are showing looks like 7 pin spacings wide or 2.54mm x 7 = 17.78mm.

Not an answer to your question, but I would recommend you use headers with 0.018" round pins (designed to fit machine pin sockets) instead of the more ubiquitous 0.025" square pins. The former fit much better in solderless breadboards. The square pin ones often require force to fit in a breadboard and distort the plastic and the springs.

Spacing between the rows should be at least 300 mil, and at most the distance between the outer columns (excluding the power rails). Note that it's convenient to have at least one column free on each side on the breadboard, this allows you to make connections without removing the module. I would try to fit it in 600 mil, so you can also use it with common 600 mil DIP-28 sockets.

I would also recommend making it the same as a 28 DIL package, and use the recommended pins above. Then plug it into a 28pin turned pin socket and place that on the breadboard. This enables you to easily replace the socket if you break a pin, and makes it a little higher to make inserting and removing easier.

Also, since you are making you own, you can do fun things like make solderable jumpers to ground on the board, to connect the right pin(s) to board ground.  Then places for each pin to ground via a 0806 Cap, so you can do your decoupling close to the chip.  This could be done on the bottom side of the board, under the IC, if needed.


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