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How do we check IC on the PCB working or not?

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How can I check that some ICs on PCB works properly or not? Can I turn off the power supply and then by giving necessary inputs and checking outputs? My PCB contains ARM Processor and few Op-amp ICs. I need to check Op-amp IC. I do not have any other testing equipments. 

Wave a dead fish over it?   ???

I think you'll need to supply more details to get a sensible answer.   :)


--- Quote from: David_AVD on July 07, 2014, 05:40:13 am ---Wave a dead fish over it?   ???
--- End quote ---
oooo.....  I like that.  Going to try that next time I've got a problem.
Now...where to find dead fish....

Well, PCB has few ICs ( Op-amps, Driver, Voltage regulators etc). Now I want to check the IC is in working condition or not.
Problem: IC is already connected to other ICs on the board. If I will give some INPUT to IC and then check OUTPUT of the IC, can I check this way? ( What if current would flow from this IC to the other part of the PCB ?!  ??? )

You could try the "razor blade" technique on individual IC's.
Slice signal path tracks (in & out), provide test signal and measure output.
Solder over slice when the problem is fixed.


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