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How thick is via plating ?

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I'm designing a board that needs some low resistance tracks (wide ones) and i need to connect some vias through the board. How "thick" are vias when manufactured ? do hole diameters make much difference ? (other than wall area to be plated).

From memory, not very thick, typically half the surface thickness. Very small vias will be a little worse. If you're really pushing a lot of current then I'd be tempted to either go for filled vias which are expensive or else solder some pins in which will add to the production cost.

Having said that, I've also just used multiple vias in place on 20A tracks without issue.

ok, well it's not got to take much current but for pulses so I wanted to keep pathways resistance down. I have 5 caps, 3 one side and 2 the other of the board and need to link the 2 to the 3, this way they are all closer together rather than a long line.

If you make the vias larger and leave them untented you can always let the wave solder process fill them with solder making a nice low resistance path, or if you are hand soldering the boards, manually fill the untented vias up with solder afterwards.

any standard sizes I should stick to ? this is a one off so building complications are not s huge problem


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