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How to manufacture custom segment LCDs without a company?

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--- Quote from: Bradlez on May 28, 2021, 11:24:40 am ---I should’ve said the entire thing earlier but this has to be designed as a product that can be mass produced. It’s for an electrical engineering course I have to do, and I was thinking maybe hitting two birds with one stone and taking it further to actual commercial production (not mass as not sure if small runs would even succeed). So using anything prebuilt like a display already with software and controller or an arduino is a big no. It would also make the product look weird even if enclosed and be an issue in the supply chain if something were to go wrong.

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My 3d printer - mass produced. DGUS screens, mass produced as are "4D systems". Arduino does not have to mean you buying a nano module and sticking it on a motherboard, literally thousands of "arduino" based commercial projects out there, it's just an ecosystem that exists to be used. I don't think there's much commercial reason to use an old school custom mono LCD today, it would be an aesthetic, technical or power based decision.

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I think my reasons fit all of those three criteria lol. I’m not using a normal 7 segment display, I’m using a 16 segment display I custom designed myself. It’s a handheld device so I can potentially save power with my PIC and the segment display. A VA display also has way more contrast too.

Besides I’ve actually learnt a lot about the design and manufacturing process of segment LCDs, and it seems like only one other person on this forum has posted about this.


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Someone already posted this. It’s not going to work for the complicated design I want to make.

Doing this for the learning, and to comply with the requirements of your electronics course, are both perfectly valid reasons of course. Fingers crossed that the esthetics, packaging and power use of the display and back-illumination meet your expectations once things come together!

What is the timeline for your project? Could you absorb manufacturing delays, or the need to have a second revision of the display produced?


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