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How to manufacture custom segment LCDs without a company?

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Hi electrical engineers! I'm new to this forum but have been a long time fan of Dave and his EEVBLOG channel.

I was just wondering if anyone knows where and how I could possibly manufacture a custom LCD design as Dave has done in his custom LCD creation playlist/series https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvOlSehNtuHvmK-VGcZ33ZuATmcNB8tvH. I don't currently plan to mass produce a product, nor do I have a company. Every company I look for that manufactures segment LCDs of different sorts like Black TN displays either require that I represent on behalf of a company or plan to sell the product. Is it even remotely possible for me as an individual who only currently plans to make a prototype to make such a custom LCD? The reason I'm doing this is I don't want to go the hassle to get a full color display and trying to design a more complex PCB with more complex programming, let along, sacrifice some of the useful qualities of these basic LCDs like being easy to see under sunlight. Any ideas?


Edit: By the way, the design process of designing the segments to the extent Dave did in his video is not a concern for me.

Do it yourself :)



Well considering I'm probably going to have in excess of 200 segments, oof that's going to be pretty much impossible this way. I'd like my prototype to also look professional as well. Quite a lot to ask I assume, but it's why I asked in the first place.

Use your name as the company name, or make up a name.


--- Quote from: thm_w on May 14, 2021, 08:54:46 pm ---Use your name as the company name, or make up a name.

--- End quote ---
This. As for going into production, just make something up.

One way to sidestep questions like this is to say that you are a consultant just involved in design & are not involved with production schedule, volumes etc.


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