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How to solder 8VSSOP?

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I just soldered 8VSSOP by blob soldering all pins on each side...then changing to a "witches hat" superthin tip, and jamming it between the legs till the shorted legs were separated again...worked like a dream...is this a bona fide technique?...wish i'd known it before.
It was an LM5021-2

Repeatedly "jamming" the tip between the IC legs doesn't sound like a good technique for removing solder bridges, from the risk of bending legs, lifting pads and general thermal stress. Normally people buy flux and use it while SMD soldering to remove excess solder and bridges (mostly avoiding them in the first place) by enhancing the solder's surface tension.

Or they use a hollow spoon tip for it. Apply flux to the legs of the IC, fill the tip with solder and drag it along the legs.

Here a chisel tip is used, but it works even better with a tip like this.

Wtf?  I know you like your power supplies so probably solder some quote large (= heatsink) components, but does that mean you're trying to solder a 0.5mm pitch SMD with a frying pan? You shouldn't need to forcefully remove solder bridges with a specific tip..

Just use flux and you can solder all pins on one side at once - its quite difficult to get bridges with decent flux, even a small amount, unless you've got your temps screwed up.  Honestly it sounds like your technique is what people did before they had temperature controlled irons and used plumbers solder..

This sort of package doesn't really require any special tools or techniques (they won't hurt either)... but I wouldn't remove a "blob" by applying a soldering iron directly. Solder braid and a chisel tip with maybe a tiny bit of flux should do a better job.


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