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Imdes Jumbo vapour phase oven

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I read through the old threads on Imdes ovens and it appeared the first version worked but had issues with construction and electronics. I noticed though that the discussions seem to be based on an older version. From this YouTube video the interface board is different using an lcd display and there are now parameters such as anti tombstone. I wondered if Imdes had listened to the earlier reviews and redesigned it but did not make much effort to let everyone know it has been redesigned?

Has anyone got the oven in the video and if so any review? I have also attached an image of the unit with the newer style display and button layout.



From the video, this thing still looks like a hobby project.

If you need it for anything beyond tinkering, get a ASSCON or similar. Yes, it'll cost 8/20k for a VP310/VP510 including galden etc. But you'll get something actually usable and supported.

If you need it for hobby stuff, DIY it. It's a neat project if you have the time.

It looks rough around the edges but we are not sending people to Mars. This thing just heats up some Galden..

It can't heat above the temp of the Galden so for me the potential issues are tombstones from too fast a heat cycle and Galden escaping and causing extra cost per cycle.

I have had private feedback from someone that indicates some degree of tombstoning but otherwise they have had good results.

Be great to hear from others who are using one.

what about this one https://www.crowdsupply.com/pcb-arts/vapor-phase-one?


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