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Inexpensive 4 Layer PCBs with Thicker Copper Layers?

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I am considering using four layer PCBs as bus bar interconnects for a multi-level inverter.  Most of the relatively low cost 4 layer PCBs for prototyping quantities seem to only offer 0.5 or 1 oz copper layers?  With this copper thickness it is really difficult to keep the trace width to a reasonable value that can be routed.  Any ideas of prototype volume PCB manufacturers which will do thicker copper layers for cheap?

Any nonstandard options are not going to be available on a prototype  pooling service, so you will be paying all the tooling cost for your panel, so cost for a proto is going to be at least an order of magnitude more than a pooled service.

What are you doing with enough current that it can't be routed?  Split the current bearing traces among the four layers, bodge a high current wire or two after, or pay for custom layers.

Adding solder to unmasked traces on outer layers also helps. Here are some videos




--- Quote from: magicsmoke on June 18, 2014, 10:11:51 pm ---it is really difficult to keep the trace width to a reasonable value that can be routed.

--- End quote ---

If you can, place the bus bar on the bottom layer & open up the solder mask. If wave soldering the thickness will be increased, if assembling by hand use some solder to manually thicken them up.

Buses don't normally push much current. How much are you talking about?


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