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Infineon take over of Cypress and PSOC shortages


Anyone got any inside knowledge on the infineon takeover of cypress.
We can't get any PSOC5/6 for love or money at the moment.
It's like they bought the company then forgot to make any of their products. A serious pain!

Are you really not aware of a global supply shortages of almost any MCUs?

You can't get anything that is in demand from any vendor.


--- Quote from: ataradov on January 18, 2022, 07:41:48 am ---You can't get anything that is in demand from any vendor.

--- End quote ---
Fixed it ;)
(it sure feels like that at the moment)

Seriously though, there was a brief period in late 2021 where it looked like things had stabilised but cut to Jan 2022 and it has gotten even worse. We're struggling to even get electrolytic caps now!

One thing I just noticed a few days ago on infineon's website. PSOC 4 and PSOC 6 families are contained in the current micro's subfolder where-as PSOC 5 LP is now classified and sorted in the legacy processor folder. It seems PSOC 5 is not long for this world even though they are still marked active status.

Yep. I noticed that as well.
Seriously pi$$ed when we have spent over $100k developing a product with 5LP at the core.

The situations only gotten worse in the last couple of months. Infineon aren't even quoting on stuff anymore.
Even their much newer PSOC 6 series has barely any stock anywhere.

I'd say Infineon bought Cypress, and the infineon guys decided to ignore them. There's always one culture that dominates.
It's a shame as the PSOC series have had great dev tools for design that need some custom logic.


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