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Interior cutouts from seed/itead/etc...?

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Has anyone had any luck getting interior cutouts from one of the Chinese/hk batch resellers? I've had a few different boards made and been totally satisfied, but there's definitely a communication barrier whenever I try to email and ask for something funny. But seed's store for the pcb entry even has a picture of a pcb with a cutout now, and I've heard of other people doing it in the past.

Do you think just include a separate dimension/outline layer that clearly shows the interior cutout? Just put it on the silkscreen with a big X in the middle? Put 4 drill hits in the corners and just cut it out myself with a coping saw?

Unfortunately, even if this is doable there's still no way to know the size of the milling bit they use as far as how tight the corners can/will be...

They state in their requirements that they don't support board cutouts, don't they?

Weird. I thought they wouldn't do it at all.

Well they say they don't do slot/line drills. And they don't panelize. But I know specifically people in the seed and itead forums (itead forums appear to have been reset?) have mentioned getting cutouts before, but never elaborated when I asked for details.

i do that all the time with iteadstudio. not a problem. What they don't do is put in break-off tabs so you can depanelise boards. that is a no-no. if the cutout is belonging to the project and not obviously a break tab then they have no problem. i did a board that had an isolation barrier underneath the optocouplers. no problemo.  same goes for slotted holes like for DC jacks. no problem there either.
and you can go really nuts with the contour as well .see my board in the jim williams pulse generator topic...

Ok so how do you actually do it? Separate outline layer?
Or just put it on a silkscreen/copper layer and then try to explain it in the comments/email?
Or can you produce some kind of actual milling data in the drill file? (Not sure what all different software can do.)

And the DC jack slots really surprises me since they say very clearly no line/slot holes.


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