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International delivery - DHL bad service?

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phil from seattle:
Anyone else seeing a decline in DHL service quality?  I had a package (2.5 Kg) sent from China to Seattle USA. It took 2 days to get to Seattle but then sat 5+ days in their Seattle delivery center. Customer clearance happened before it got to Seattle so no delays due to that. The package made it to Seattle Tuesday evening.  No delivery on Weds and Thursday was Thanksgiving holiday.  But also sat at their site Friday and Saturday.  No Sunday delivery so it is now scheduled for Monday.  Kind of insulting that we saw FedEx and UPS trucks everywhere on Fri and Sat. Shortage of drivers? 

I'm going to switch exclusively to FedEx, they seem to not have extended delays. Given that DHL gets a premium, I expect better.

Which DHL service did you use? I have found not all are reliable.

phil from seattle:
DHL Express

DHL Express with no delivery time options, at least in Germany, can be the opposite of express. As to why, follow the money.

I sometimes order stuff from Prague shipped with DHL Express. This is fine.
However they often sent it to the Uk first... this is bad. UK customs delays this at least a week before they find out it's not even intended to go into the UK.

Apple also switched from UPS to DHL Express, and they are turned off pickup-point, neighbours or parcel box (box for parcels next to my door).
So I must be home... but they only deliver on weekdays during office hours.


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