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Interpretation of min track widths


Hi all,

Can someone help me interpret this table please.

To me it looks like a 0.2mm track can handle 1.8A in T4 (first column)

However looking at the example text provided it seems a 2mm track is required for 1.833A

Any thoughts?

--- Code: ---For example, on printed circuit boards of at least 0,5 mm thickness, having a conducting track
of at least 33 ┬Ám thickness on one or both sides, by applying factors given in Table 3, a
temperature classification of T4 or Group I shall be given to the printed tracks if they have a
minimum width of 0,3 mm and the continuous current in the tracks does not exceed 0,444 A.
Similarly, for minimum track widths of 0,5 mm, 1,0 mm and 2,0 mm, T4 shall be given for
corresponding maximum currents of 0,648 A, 1,092 A and 1,833 A respectively.
--- End code ---


"continuous" current load ratings are smaller than pulsing current loads.


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