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Is company Uniohm reliable/reputable?


I am being asked to approve a resistor from Uniohm. This is a company that I have never heard of and I would like to gather others impressions of the company.
This is a 0.5% 10ppm 1206 resistor FWIW.
Thank you.

My 2 bits (half a nibble), you should be fine to work with the company - they are in Taiwan and established in 2000. That is 23 years++ of experience. The component is a resistor and nothing earth shattering with respect to technology.

Do ask about any approvals / certifications that may be required for your market - ie. automotive, etc.

Aside from the above - there are many many choices in the resistor market. For example, one gorilla in the market that comes to mind is:


I recall their very large sign (painted on the backside of their many buildings?) in the ride in from the Taipei airport into the city. This firm has been around since 1975.

There are others like Walsin, etc. you may wish to consider.

If you are on the hunt for new vendors for this and other electronic components, make it a point to attend the large group of electronic trade fairs in Asia this coming fall. We have been attending for the past 20 years and always see a value if we can align with one new vendor. In the fall, you can consider to visit Taitronics (October) / HK Electronic fair (Wanchai) / Global Sources Electronic fair (HK airport expo) - each are a few days apart. Often, the HK / Taiwan government will provide sponsorship for new attendees - such as free hotel / airfare to entice new visitors. Highly recommended.



NB: Each fair is for finished electronics AND electronic raw parts / PCBs, etc. Often Floor # 3 & # 5 of the HK Fair in Wanchai hosts the raw parts vendors.


--- Quote from: mon2 on May 28, 2023, 02:33:35 pm ---Often, the HK / Taiwan government will provide sponsorship for new attendees - such as free hotel / airfare to entice new visitors.

--- End quote ---
Can you suggest where to get more information about this?

Yes. From the email from HKTDC. See below.

From our past travels, we have received free hotel stays a few times in HK and also in Taiwan through the Taitronics group. You will have to ping them separately. Numerous times the local HKTDC group contacted us about airfare incentives from discounted to free but the perks vary with your company revenue. We do recall having a scheduled meet at the HK fair with one of their reps which we were prepared to do but the contact did not show so they waived the interview.

Highly recommend that you email them. HK is very keen to have visitors and buyers back to restart their economy. BTW, Nepcon (Shenzhen) is on at the same time as the HK fairs.

See here:

Buyers Incentives

Incentives have been arranged for eligible registrants to save their travelling cost. Please email to techfairs.visitor@hktdc.org for details.


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