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is it safe to buy from lanshengic.com ?

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I need to buy some Xilinx MCU, only this company lanshengic.com said they had some, price is higher, it is not a problem, I never worked with this company before, anyone knows this company? Do they make delivery?

Personally never heard of them.

Ask them if they will work with ESCROW ? Note their reaction. If they say NO, then you should avoid.

There are many brokers - ironically in Wuhan. We have dealt with a number of them but did get stung with some silicon that was fake. As we 100% test every product we build, the batch was caught. No longer working with that vendor.

Which part are you after? You can PM me if you wish.

They posted the part number in the FS forum.

I don't know why, tons available from grey market: https://octopart.com/search?q=XC6SLX9-2TQG144I&currency=USD&specs=0

When I've assessed a grey market vendor I only ever use Paypal for the first couple of orders. They will charge you a hefty fee but it greatly reduces the risk.

Wish to add a few pointers about using PayPal...

1) DO NOT, repeat DO NOT use PayPal 'Friends and family' payment method. This method has no protection from PayPal.

2) do not use funds you may have in your PayPal account. That is, select and apply the payment with a credit card. This way, the credit card vendor will be able to be a backup in case this vendor is a scam.

We were recently burnt by a local seller in Ontario for diabetic sensors. Rooked us with all the right chatter for $120. Did not ship anything and has disconnected his phone. We now have the authorities investigating the thief. Paypal will not share the details of the scammer due to privacy laws. They are an accomplice in my books. We could start a similar scam and PayPal will protect us. It is possible that the scammer is not even in our country. They state that will help if the police open a case which is now in motion.


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