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Is Tindie about to fail?

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phil from seattle:
I am a Tindie seller - any others here? 

Last week I got notice that they are unable to disburse (pay me for my sales) because of PayPal issues. They made it seem like a glitch that they are working on.  Monday, I got a message "we are still working on it" and nothing since.  I've got orders piling up and am hesitant to fulfill if Tindie won't pay me. And definitely if they are about to go under.

There are a number of other issues that they are "working on" (UK VAT, US State sales tax, PayPal alternative). I use quotations because they have been doing that for literally months. Do they not have a programming staff to keep their site/system going? Pretty disheartening.

I'm working on get a second channel up (Shopify) but in the mean time people keep ordering my product off tindie. I may have to move them to Shopify but not sure when that will be. Unmet expectations sure piss people off.

Anyone have insight to this?

phil from seattle:
Well, wouldn't you know it.  No more than 10 minutes after I posted it, Tindie sent me email saying disbursements are again happening. 

Still, the question of Tindie's stability is valid.

SupplyFrame Inc. owns Tindie, Hackaday and looks more like Silicon Valley bullshit, such as Autodesk purchasing Instructables.
The maker sites and marketplaces have nothing to do with their core business yet the corporations buy them to exploit creatives, yet contribute nothing more than web hosting.

SupplyFrame "Powered by breakthrough Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI), Supplyframe’s AI-based SaaS solutions enable previously impossible insights and decision support that bring new levels of resiliency and performance to the global electronics value chain."
"... a SaaS application that builds resilience into the product lifecycle from the beginning of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, accelerating time-to-market, assuring BOM validation, optimizing for target costs, and mitigating risk of downstream supply disruption."

Never heard of them, what a bunch of useless buzzwords. Good luck making cash.

phil from seattle:
I don't pay much attention to the marketing BS.  But I do pay attention to their actions (and lack thereof).  They have been talking about a Tindie alternative for 6 weeks at least.   They have been saying they are working on the UK VAT issue since Nov of last year.  Nada so far.  And it took them 6 days to fix the PayPal "glitch".

To be fair, I've made a fair amount of money selling on Tindie, in spite of the distinct lack of features. If they had features like being able to figure what tax rate to apply and allow me set up my product shipping with weight categories, I might actually stick with them. But what they actually do is just not worth the almost 10% they take.


--- Quote ---They have been saying they are working on the UK VAT issue since Nov of last year.  Nada so far.
--- End quote ---
when they've got a solution maybe they could tell the uk government along  with our revenues and customs as it would help them also find a solution,as normal  they seem to be having trouble  just  distinguishing  between there rectum and elbow,let alone complicated tax problems


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