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Is your lab too small for P&P machine? No excuses now.

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Complete MOBILE board assembly setup up for grabs:


You could take it on vacation.

I'm actually impressed.


--- Quote ---SMT Line
Neoden-style paste printer
Inspection conveyors (qty 2)
Samsung CP40LV with tape, tray, vibe, and 3d printed cut tape feeders
No-name 8 zone mesh belt oven (3-phase, configured for single 3x 60A)
SlimKIC II thermal profiler
AgnosPCB Inspection station with raspberry pi 4
Dishwasher with DI water filter kit

--- End quote ---

?? 3D printed parts?
Raspberry Pi?


--- Quote from: Smokey on January 23, 2023, 05:27:16 pm ---?? 3D printed parts?
Raspberry Pi?

--- End quote ---

That inspection system is just a photo capture software that then does A/B comparison in the cloud with a few extra features.
Raspberry Pi is more than fine for that.

Yea it is not a high-end bit of tech but the software works for a lot of people.
I don't use it myself but quite a few people I communicate/work with do use it commercially.

3D printing parts for pick and place is also fine. Some stuff does not feed well so ends up going onto a tray-like feeder setup for cut tape.
This is not a multimillion-dollar setup. Got to lower your expectations somewhat 😂

Pfft may not ship to Australia  ::)


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