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Itead brd outline, which layer?

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Itead say "Outline or shape should be included in at least one layer"
1. Does this mean one of the existing layers that they stipulate or on its own?
2. If its the former, put it on the top overlay with dimensions?
3. I'm doing a prototype for the SMPS section on a larger project. It's multi-rail and is fed from a LI-ION batter charger cct that's also included on the PCB. This thing is only going to be 2 layer but the larger project is 6 layer 2 of which are power and ground planes. I'm not sure wether to go for the largest PCB thickness they offer (without extra cost) and if it works here it will work on the final because the top layer will be closer to the plane layers thereby having better capacitive coupling, or go as thin as possible to get a better representation of what the supply will be like on the final board... Any thoughts?

Jon Chandler:
The CAM tool for Eagle from Seeed puts the board outline on every layer.  I've been following this convention since I had a problem on one order from iTead where they couldn't find the outline which was only on one layer.

The Seeed CAM file follows the same naming convention as iTead uses and works well for iTead too.

Thanks for the info Jon. I already sent the files and put it on the top overlay.
I'll have to read up on the cam generator, I don't know how to edit anything with it which means I would have to have the outline on all my PCB layers. Not something I think I would like...

Jon Chandler:
The CAM processor in Eagle is pretty easy to use.  Probably easiest to start with the Gerber CAM file provided by Seeed.

Start the CAM processor and load the Eagle board file.  There will be tabs along the bottom for each Gerber layer (top copper, top silk, etc).  If you click the tab for a particular layer, on the right side of the box is a column of Eagle layers, with the ones used to generate the Gerber layer checked.  Layer 20 is the board outline layer - just check it for each Gerber layer and then process the CAM job. 

This is discussed more in part two of the tutorial I linked.

Jon Chandler:
Here's a pic showing the above...tabs are actually at the top.


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