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itead or something like this
« on: February 08, 2018, 09:56:06 pm »
My first PCB was made by itead, 2 Layer Green PCB 5cm x 5cm Max for 9.9$ and $4.61 for airmail shipping. For me quality was good, price was good, and delivery time (1 week for production and under 2 weeks in fornt of my door) was good. So I continue to work with them. Only minus was that on some boards, some vias were with uncovered / unprotected surface. Now airmail shipping is 6.61$.

Unfortunately, they messed up my last order. All holes (smallest are vias 0.0157" 0.4 mm) on all boards are shifted out of center (in similar direction and center distance). Never had this problem before.

Other design (2 Layer Green PCB 5cm x 5cm Max ) from the same order came with perfect centered holes.

I reported this to them and they replay that they will give me back 2$ because of this error.  :-//

Maybe I was just lucky with previous orders, and asking too much from this fabrication process (for that price). I know there are other similar topics here (and I read some of them), but is there are some better option regarding quality / price / full refund option? In my case 5 to 10 boards,  with 2 layers,  max 4 x 4 cm?

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Re: itead or something like this
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2018, 06:54:58 am »
they still appear to be within tolerance, as you have not had any break outs, This is why some software packages support teardrops on pads, to reduce the risk that a breakout can brake the trace connection,

All suppliers have this to different degrees, it mainly comes down to how careful the worker on that line that day aligned things between steps, you might notice your mask layer is aligned to the drill layer, however both of them disagree with the copper layer.


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