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JLCPCB basic components footprint (DipTrace)

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I'm trying to make my first pre-assembled board using JLCPCB's assembly service. As part of reducing costs, I want to use as much as possible of their basic parts list.

Now, I can't necessarily find these in my component library (either built-in DipTrace or SnapEDA). On the JLCPCB parts library site, you can click on a link to see a preview of footprint and symbol (via EasyEDA?), but no way to download it.

I assume there's something simple I'm not seeing, but what? Any others here using DipTrace and JLCPCB assembly? How do you get the component files you need?

Pro Tip:

Learn how to use your library editor in Diptrace or whatever CAD software you're using.   

Once you know how to use your component and footprint editors, you find that it is often less effort to just roll your own than to use any standard library.   This is especially true when you realize that often the library footprints are not consistent across libraries and sources.   Over the years, I've built up an internal library with the correct footprints for all of the parts I've used.

I did take a quick gander at what JLCPCB has available and it looks like it's EasyEDA specific.   Which makes sense since EasyEDA is a JLCPCB service/product.

Oh, the humanity..  :(

Is everyone else just rolling their own? Or are there any crowdsourced versions out there?


--- Quote from: mvno_subscriber on October 23, 2021, 02:42:18 pm ---Is everyone else just rolling their own?

--- End quote ---

Pretty much.

Note that DipTrace now has a IPC-7351 land generator built in.   See https://resources.altium.com/p/pcb-land-pattern-design-ipc-7351-standard for information about this.  This makes almost all footprints really easy to make.

I tend to design a lot of my own footprints because I enjoy the process of doing so.

Interpreting the datasheet and the sometimes gibberish looking dimensions and jumble of lines everywhere, and the "missing" dimensions that you have to infer from others. It's a fun challenge. 🙂

But by doing so there has never been a part that I couldn't design into a project, so I highly recommend everyone to learn the process as well.

Haven't yet screwed up a footprint, but it's bound to happen eventually I suppose.


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