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This was originally a question about component sourcing, but some users prefer to haggle about socialism in Russia vs. China. Thanks for nothing.

I suspect "separated components" means components that are not on a tape, so they can't be mounted by the pnp machine

I only ordered ICs that they normally don't stock. No problems (touch wood) so far.

Normally I assemble the components myself and only let JLCPCB produce the PCB circuit board part.

Because the unit price of their components is relatively expensive. Although the quality can be guaranteed, I am referring to counterfeit products.In other words, the price/performance ratio is very low,
If you are familiar with electronic components and understand the market conditions, you can arrange it yourself

JLCPCB Official:

Hello, we reassure you that quality is our top priority. Each part for assembly from JLCPCB is guaranteed to be authentic and traceable back to the original manufacturer. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask~


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