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My package with PCBs from  JLCPCB is missing, 35 days have passed since the shipment date.
Euro Pocket shipment by DHL (DHL did not tell me what happened to the shipment).
I reported to JLCPCB and they only offer a partial refund (order $379, refund only $180).

Has anyone had this situation?


Threaten a chargeback or section 75 if not refunded in full.
It is up to them to get the package to you when they pay for the shipping.

If DHL has lost it, JLCPCB can claim against DHL for the loss.

Don't accept anything less.


--- Quote from: Jackster on January 19, 2023, 04:32:51 pm ---If DHL has lost it, JLCPCB can claim against DHL for the loss.
--- End quote ---

Assuming they bought insurance, they can, which they probably didn't bother paying for.
If there is no insurance you'll get the cost of shipping, which is ~$15 or so.

Of course I don't disagree that a full refund is deserved. But get them to do a proper trace with DHL first. I don't know what "DHL did not tell me what happened" means, what does the tracking say?


--- Quote from: thm_w on January 19, 2023, 10:52:45 pm ---Assuming they bought insurance, they can, which they probably didn't bother paying for.

--- End quote ---

For stuff under like $500 DHL insurance is not worth paying for.
I send stuff often and did the math on this once. Considering what it costs me to replace the item vs what the insurance costs to pay for on every order vs how often they go missing.

For what DHL charge for insurance on my packages they'd have to be losing 1 in 20 shipments before the insurance would make any sense to get.
It was cheaper to not get insurance and pay out of pocket for any items that went missing.
So far DHL has lost 2 out of 1000+ packages that I've sent, and 1 of them I suspect was the customer lying but I couldn't prove it.

So JLCPCB definitely won't be paying for DHL insurance on small PCB orders under a few hundred.

I suspect DHL intentionally make the insurance on small value items too expensive so no one uses it in order to reduce the paperwork and staff needed.
If you think about it, not having insurance to worry about on small value packages (which make up a huge %) takes a huge load off their system/call center/insurance claim center.

Yeah a few in 1,000 lost sounds right.
Cost could also be from the issue of insurance fraud. Lets say you print a label that erases itself, or rig the package in some other way.

Just some random DHL quotes gave a return at about 1 in 50 packages lost. At least with this account there is no big discount in insurance rate as the price goes up, if anything they increase.
- $0 insurance $38
- $100 insurance $41
- $500 insurance $48
- $1000 insurance $60

All the more reason for JLC to do a full refund, assuming the tracking results are reasonable.

edit: but if you want to make life easier, they'd likely be more willing to give you a credit or re-ship your order.


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