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JLCPCB P&P files


Trying to send P&P files to JLCPCB using Proteus 8.15.
JLC has a downloadable .bomt but when I tried to load it into Ares it wasn't accepted. Anyone sending P&P to JLC?

Thanks for the time and help,

phil from seattle:
Take a look at the samples for BOM and Place files. They are using a new version of their processing software and made some tweaks to the place file format that caused me trouble. Also, they seem to have gotten pickier over XLS formats, you might try CVS instead.

JLCPCB Official:
 the information for reference: https://jlcpcb.com/help/article/69-How-to-generate-BOM-and-Pick-&-Place-File-in-Proteus-8.9

Thanks Phil,
You're right. I finally got it to work only to find they don't have the parts in stock! They say they are fixing the software problems though.


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